Friday, 15 August 2014

Happy Third Birthday B.C!

Working at B.C is not without its risks!
Three years has elapsed since the inception of this blog. With 355 posts and over 34,000 views, B.C is stronger than ever. To readers, domestic and international, regular or otherwise, thank you. Discounting the post on fossil koalas which has received a sauropodian 14,000 views thanks to a repost on Reddit, the post on amphibian evolution which led with the most views has been overtaken by a post on the common ancestors of the crocodylians. A link to this can be found at the bottom of this post.

I would also like to pay tribute to Adolf Seilacher who passed away in April this year. A leader in the field of Ediacaran research, his work revolutionised our understanding of the earliest animals on the planet and their obfuscated fossil record.

My workload this year has increased, but I will continue to post as much as possible. Don't forget to keep checking the front page, or your RSS feed for the more tech savvy among you, and remember rocks are important; don't take them for granite.......