Saturday, 27 July 2013

Happy Second Birthday B.C!

Our official spokesperson wishes B.C a happy birthday
It has been two years since I stared this blog in a hotel room in Arcachon, France with the purpose of bringing news stories about prehistory, palaeontology and the past to light. In that time many fantastic articles have come along as well as several other events important to the blog, including a truly record breaking number of views in a month and the 300th post. On the first birthday, my blog has received 5420 views. A year later, that number has shot up to an incredible 25337 views.
14485 of those were in just one month, thanks to a re-post one of my articles received on Reddit. Naturally, that post has broken the record for the most number of views one of my posts has accrued. I have placed a link to that article, and the runner up (341 views) below:

I find it rather nice that the runner up is on the origin of amphibians, a topic I consider to be one of the most interesting in palaeontology (while 12000 views on giant koalas is great, it is somewhat of an anomaly due to Reddit). 

I would like to pay tribute one more time to Mr Stan Wood, a world renowned palaeontologist who passed away late last year. My first visit to his shop in the Grassmarket, Edinburgh was an event which changed my life and set it on the course which has led to my fascination with prehistory, palaeontology and the past. Finally I would just like to thank my viewers all across the world. You guys are great! Keep your eyes peeled for more posts. They are coming soon.