Sunday, 26 August 2012

Happy Birthday B.C!

Happy first birthday B.C!
This month, a whole year ago, in a hotel room in Arcachon in France, I decided to start a blog with the purpose of bringing news stories about prehistory, palaeontology and the past to light. In just a year, this blog has received 5420 views with a worldwide fanbase. To all my American viewers (2063): thank you; to all my British viewers (1177); thank you; to all my Russian viewers (421); and to all my other loyal fans far and wide (well I was not going to go through all 196 nations on Earth) thank you.

These views have been spread out over 246 posts with a post on the evolution of amphibians having received the most, streaking past the finishing line with 158 views (3% of the total number). I have placed a link to the article below:

BC shall continue as before, however, the next year will prove to be very busy and so the number and frequency of posts may decline slightly. Either way keep your eyes wide and your ears pricked. The next article may be the most important of the lot. Goodbye for now!